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WAG WAY / BIRD EYE , New Wag Way Model 1000 Disk Grinder Used for clearing brush, mulching around fields, ditches, mulching trees and many more uses. Direct drive grinder with high efficiency piston type motor. Quad tooth that can be rotated before needing replaced. Please call/email for more information.

  • FabricarWAG WAY / BIRD EYE
  • ModeloOther
  • Condiciónused
  • CategoríaBrush Cutters

Wag Way Tool

  • Wag Way has been an attachments OEM since 1984 and is a leader in the design and manufacturer of all types of attachments for excavators and backhoes.  All of our attachments are built with the finest materials available to assure a long, trouble-free life. We specialize in buckets for excavators, trackhoes, and mini excavators, as well as grapples, shears, bucket mounted thumbs, hydraulic thumbs, stiff leg thumbs and a host of other attachments for your machine! From crushers, rippers,  stump grinders, to brush cutters, mulchers, mowers and everything in between, we’re your one-stop shop for machine attachments. Wag Way manufactures power packs to run virtually any attachment on the market.
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