Used 2023 FECON Attachment Mulcher in Canastota, NY

$21,890 USD

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FECON, FMX36 Mulcher, FMX36 is good for a 5-10T excavator. Ours are set up with 50mm pins to fit an 8 ton machine. Working width is 36" wide, 850lbs, 12-40gpm flow. FMX split ring DCR rotors with double sided cubit knife tools., Attachment, Serial Number: 8022

  • FabricarFECON
  • Serial Number8022
  • ModeloAttachment
  • Año2023
  • Condiciónused
  • Precio$21,890 USD
  • CategoríaMulcher
  • Surtir8022
  • VIN8022

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