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EIK, Stick, New eik long reach to fit cat 312 and 313 cat 40 feet long Cat 390 cat 385 77 foot long Cat 349fl 349el 345dl 345cl 69 feet long Cat 336fl 336el 336dl 330dl 330cl 65 feet long Cat 330fl cat 329 fl 329el 325dl 325cl 65 feet long Cat 324el cat 324dl cat 323 55 feet long Cat 320el cat 320dl cat 320cl cat 320bl 50 feet long Komatsu pc400 size 69 feet long Komatsu pc300 size 65 feet long All manufactured by eik , boom stick bucket and bucket cylinder , ready for you to install , brand new world wide shipment in stock, Attachment, Serial Number:

  • FabricarEIK
  • ModeloAttachment
  • Año2022
  • Condiciónnew
  • CategoríaOther

Hillview Used Construction Equip Sales