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2022 Case, , Rippers, Multi-Shank Ripper fits CASE 1150E and 1150M Bulldozer
Multi-Shank Parallelogram style Ripper
1 Cylinder
Paint is Case Grey
Cylinder and G.E.T are interchangeable with CAT D6 Ripper
SKU: BR391
Complete Ripper Set Including:
Ripper Structure
Three Ripper Shanks with Three Tips
1 Cylinder
Cylinder Hoses

Shipping Specs
Length: 1.7 m
Width: 1.97 m
Height: 0.72 m
Weight: 1 ton

  • FabricarCase
  • ModeloOther
  • Año2022
  • Condiciónnew
  • Precio$9,763 USD
  • CategoríaRippers
  • SurtirBR391