BEDROCK Ripper Tyne 8E5342B fits D8L Shank Attachments

$2,593 USD

Bedrock Machinery

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Ripper Tyne 8E5342B fits D8L Shank Ripper


Original Ripper Tyne Style
Whole Ripper Tyne Forged
Designed to accept OEM parts
Painted to match OEM equipment yellow
3.06″thick, 25.5″wide and 78″long , 856.2 LB
We Supply all models of Bulldozer Ripper Tyne


  • FabricarBEDROCK
  • ModeloRipper Tyne 8E5342B fits D8L
  • Año2022
  • Condiciónnew
  • Precio$2,593 USD
  • CategoríaShank Attachments